From Herself

Hello, my name is Barbara and I live on a hill in a magical hamlet in the south of England. 

I opened my hypno-doors in 1992 and have gathered many tools along the way by learning from my clients and training in CBT, Health Coaching plus others. 

Following many years of being disabled with back issues, surgical damage and all the accompanying nonsense my work naturally led me to holistic coaching,  pain management, stress reduction, helping golfers with their mind games and voice overs/narration*. The fancy term for doing/being many things is, 'Multihyphenate' and, 'multipotentialite' - these words spark joy. 

Being comfortable working in the left-brain logical, medically inclined camp and the right-brain creative, esoteric field  means I am equally happy discussing neuroplasticity with a doctor as talking about soul retrieval with a shaman.  

We make our own magic but sometimes lose our way or fall under spells that do not work in our favour. It is not my job or desire to fix, repair, change or impose but to guide you towards your life of bliss and success. 

What is The Mind Salon?

This is where everything is about the mind ~ hypnosis, meditation, health, well-being, healing, change, fun and more.

I will share ideas, meditations, and how to guides.

You are welcome to message me anything you would like to know about or send questions.

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